Monday 16 May 2011

The Death of Benny Blow: REHABennytation

"They tried to make me go to rehab but I said,'no no no'
Yes I've been black but when I come back,you'll know know know..."-Amy Winehouse,Rehab.

They just stood there.They all just stood there and watched as the men in white took me away.Id struggled at first but I was exhausted from all the digging and clawing I had done.These people are cruel.I thought they were my friends.Who calls the happy wagon to a funeral?! How could they have me committed? They could have atleast talked to me to see what was going on with me! I felt fine! I was certain there was some kind of misplacement with the coffin.These things happened all the time!...Didn't they? Im sure Benny's body was still at the mortuary or at some other poor soul's funeral.This was all crazy! I mean,maybe I was a little drastic when I dug up the coffin,but I had to prove to them Benny Blow was real! Now I was being dragged away to a mental asylum.
I always try to look on the bright side of things.So when we got to the entrance of Chainama's main building,I tried to imagine I was The Jocker,returning to Arkum asylum.It was more of a dim side than a bright side,because reality began to set in.That sick medicinal smell that permiates hospitals invaded my nose and made me sick.I threw up.Some of it got on my clothes,it was a mixture of colours and looked like a kid's finger painting.The two men that had brought me in paid me no mind.They must have been used to this sort of thing.They were cold and expressionless.A short fat lady walked up to my work or art with a bucket and a mop to clean it up.She wasnt as fast as the guys that ran onto a basketball court to wipe the sweat when an NBA player fell,but she got the job done.
The funny thing about this place was that the patients where left to roam free,even the violent ones.I saw one guy bashing another guy's head into a wall almost until it resembled a smashed tomatoe.Two large men in white didnt rush,but walked up to the two fight club members and caned the both of them wit short buttons.As we walked on a naked man in shades ran past us.He was fast,but not as fast as my innocense was destroyed.Further on,a lady walked up to us and told me to please tell her mother to come and pick her up because class had ended days ago.And so it went on.I had never seen so many characters collected in one place.Even my college paled in comparison.
It was night time now.The emotionless men in white had led me to my quaters hours earlier after they had signed and checked me in.I was a little disapponted that I didnt get a straight jacket.My matress was thin and my room was very plain.The walls seemed to be staring back at me with their cold pealing-paint-faces.My head was spinning and I was drained.I had been given something to help me calm down and sleep,but I was wide awake.If you asked me,the medicine made me even more insane.That is,if I was insane in the first place.I could hear the screams,shouts and even singing of the other patients and it added to my discomfort.I wanted to die.Kill me now.I wasnt mad.Benny was real.Infact,there he is,standing in my window.The shadowy silouette looked just like me.Now I cant recall if I was asleep or awake,because it was oh so surreal.
I had been at Chainama for three whole days before I recieved the phonecall.No one had come to see me and I still wore the same clothes from the funeral.That upchuck finger painting had become crusty and most of it had flaked off.I think I had lost a chunk of my sanity in that place.I had even gone streaking with the naked man in shades,but that was me just looking on the bright side again.I figured I might make the most of my looney bin stay.
It was Chibale on the phone.He'd said he'd been trying to organise the tombstone for Benny's grave.Said it was the least he could do for me after all the mess.And besides,we'd paid for the grave space already.
"Is that supposed to make me feel better?"I snickered.
"No,its just...there's something else..," he replied.
"Whats that?"
"After we re-burried the coffin,later that night the caretaker claims he saw someone dig himself out,crawl and walk away from the grave."...

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