Monday 29 August 2011

Just my ramblings

Hey there!
So usually when I post one of these,then I'm wrestling with a little writer's block! But worry not dear reader,for I will have a fantastic tale for you faster than you can say supercalifragalisticespialidoceous! I don't even know if that's how you spell that word (or what it even means!)! But that is of little importance! I thought this might be a good opportunity for me to slide that curtain to my thoughts and you can catch a small glimpse.
Today is the eve of my birthday,I turn twenty four tomorrow. I can't say I've grown significantly over the last year,but I HAVE grown. Some people could claim I havnt 'grown up',I could argue that 'growing up' is overrated. I think what is important is MATURITY and personal growth. What is the determining factor of 'growing up' anyway? Because an eight year old could describe me as a grown-up..... Where I'm from the benchmarks or criteria of growing up are a job,a lack of open mindedness,prejudicial taste in music and general douchebaggery. But that's just my opinion. Opinions are like assholes,everybody has one. My opinion is based on the fact that 'grown ups' or wannabe grown ups usually shit on other people's lifestyles and choices (no pun intended) because these lifestyles and choices don't fit into the mould they expect society to fit into. We should be free to make our own choices and take whatever paths we please,just as long as this freedom
doesn't clash with the freedoms of others. I don't think its right that one should go on a week long binge drinking spree funded by fees meant for their education. Fees parents or guardians have sweated and toiled for at their grown up jobs. People should be able to fund their own self destructive habits.
My growth has mostly been creative. I think I'm writing better and I'm on my way to fulfilling my aspirations. There's still plenty of room for improvement ofcourse. I still have to overcome my fear of writing long stories and be able to tap into different genres. When I start off writing a long piece,I fear I might lose the flow of it if I make it too long. Lose what I was originally inspired to write. But I'll get past that soon. I've also learnt that some people can be crabs in a bucket,all they will do is pull you down and trample you in their efforts to get to the top. Whether they know it or not. I may not have experienced it personally,but I see a lot of it. Your best friends will drag you to the worst situations even when they only mean to have fun.
I've been learning a lot from new 'friends',followers and groups on Facebook and Twitter. Some will openly help you and give an opinion on your work (Shout outs to Martin Powell!) And some won't even acknowledge your presence. Their 'friendship' is one sided and all they want to do is sell their product. I believe in a win-win all the time,I really don't see why others don't. Add me on Facebook (username Benny Blow) or follow me on Twitter (@Benny_Blow) if you're a win-win person or are looking for a cool new friend =). These two social networks are a great platform for spreading your gospel and getting to know like-minded people.
Before I forget,I have partners in crime that I plan on taking the world with! They are Lo and Jarell. They are two of the most talented artists I have ever met. Together we plan on churning out the greatest,most mind blowig comic books and graphic novels. Together,we are Fly Label. More on that soon enough. In the mean time,ask your friends to Get Wit It Or Blow!


  1. Really like your blogs....u have a really beautiful mind. Keep up.

  2. Thanks a lot! I promise to keep writing if you'll keep reading :)

  3. I am officially an avid reader of this blog, you are really good!

  4. Thanks a lot Nelly. Always nice to know new people are reading