Wednesday 1 February 2012

From Zero to Hero

'From Zero to Hero'. I first heard or read that tagline in the synopsis for The Mask, staring Jim Carey. If you ask me, that's one of his greatest roles, and one of my favourite movies of all time. Jamie Kennedy should be shot dead for that sodomisation of a sequel he made (Son of The Mask). I wonder why Dark Horse agreed to put that stupid movie out. But enough about that...
I had first typed this on my phone from the office at this temporary job I got. Most people would be glad to be doing nothing and just 'socialising' on Facebook or Twitter. So would I usually. But recently I realised I lose because I CHOOSE to. Whether consciously or not, I choose to lose. For example; I would like to be a professional writer someday soon. I've been told I need to write everyday if I'm to get better at it. But I usually come up with excuses; I have no inspiration; I'm tired; I need to watch some T.V first....the list is endless. I choose not to write and therefore I choose to lose. Another example is how I'd go out at the weekend and just let all the good looking girls slide. I like girls, especially pretty ones :). But if you really know me, you know I'm a shy person. I can make conversation with some, but I don't go in for the kill. I came out of a long term relationship a while ago (still nothing but love for you mami!) and I think I got too comfortable in it. I'm afraid to step out of that comfort zone. That's another story though. My point is, I choose not to step to that girl I can tell is checking me out too. Therefore, I CHOOSE to lose.
We sit down and let shit happen to us too often, instead of going out there and happen TO shit. And we choose not to take the blame for it. I didn't do this because I didn't have enough money. I didn't do that because I don't know how to. Excuses. Go borrow some money! Go learn how to do that! Be proactive you bum! We are so satisfied with basic things and the status quo. We don't want to expand our horizons and make the most of our lives, careers or whatever it is we do.
I sat at that desk because I chose to lose again. That job was crap and made me realise I really don't want to be an accountant all my life. Accounting is crap. I have no prior work experience, and maybe it all gets better with time; but still, I realise I want little if anything to do with this line of work. People had told me to use it as an opportunity to gain work experience until something better came up. That 'you have to start somewhere'. I say we aim low. Not to toot my own horn, but I am talented. I know with the right mentor-ship, the right information and some hard work I could go places. I can't be stuck here taking orders from Davis! I have a world to either save or take over, I can't be here!
Recently I came to the resolve that I will do my best to write everyday and improve my skills (not that I will publish a new post everyday! Easy you fiends!). And believe it or not, a number of things have been happening and been set in motion. After I collaborated with Lo and published Sky High II: Sky is the Limit, my blog reached its highest page views ever. Some may argue that page views are nothing to go by,but they still flatter the crap outta me! Almost everyday after my resolve, I have seen my Twitter Timeline flooded with links to resourceful stuff on writing and self improvement. Coincidence? I think not. I had sent a couple of emails to a local magazine on doing some freelance writing for them a while ago, I only got one response from the three I sent. One morning, my mother calls, telling me she found the same magazine on the shelves (I had asked her to get it for me before I'd sent my emails so I could see what type of articles they publish). I almost said no, but I thought,what the hell? So she got it. Barely hours later, I received a response from the magazine, and turns out, a good friend of mine is sub-editor there! I sent them two pieces and they are supposed to review them. Not convinced? Well, about a week later, I received a call from a guy telling me that he heard I could write and would like to meet me. He came over to the digs and explained to me that he and some well known names have a project to make and publish a comic. They were looking for some script and story writers and he was there to recruit me. (He was putting together an elite team I thought. On some Avengers shit! My good buddies Lo, Jay a.k.a Dagger, and Nunu have also been recruited by the way.). So now I'm supposed to attend a workshop to brainstorm with the same people and make Zambia's first kick-ass comic! If you are still not convinced I was meant to write, you should go suck an egg.
So I have decided that from hence forth,I will not lose. I will take up whatever opportunity I can. I will open doors for myself. I will do all in my power to make my situation work. If all goes according to plan, I'll find a good accounting job and save enough to leave the profession. I will also use my other talents to broaden my horizons. There is no creativity in accounting and I am wasting my time here. It may take some time and definitely won't be easy,but I will wear my own mask and go from zero to hero! #GetWitItOrBlow


  1. Great post Benny! Go get em. I'm definitely one of your biggest fans! Cant wait to see how the comic will come along. You and Lo being on the team makes me sure it will be a pure force to reckon with!

  2. Aww,thanks a lot! I appreciate the love and the vote of confidence :)!

  3. Interesting... You do know how to capture one's attention. Thumbs're doing great!

  4. Why thank you! I hope you keep reading :)

  5. Yeah!!!! Benny...such a great blog entry. The message in this blog is indeed the truth. All the best with the comic, I am sure you will do awesome.
    Stay blessed

  6. Thanks a lot Pezu! Hope you are pushing and getting yours!

  7. You're a brilliant writer, keep up the good work!

  8. Thank you very much Chomba! I'll definitely never stop writing! :)

  9. that is some inspiring stuff !!!

    1. Glad I could inspire Kapa! Hope you go and get yours :)