Tuesday 3 May 2011


I've been searching for somekind of inspiration for my next blogpost over the last two weeks or so.I havnt been very successful.Mostly because I want to post only the best material.
I went back to my old note books,one from highschool and another from my earlier days in college.Thats a period between 2002 and 2007,I wrote the most during these years.Mostly rap verses (I used to fancy myself a rapper.Tight rhymes too!) and love poems.I was more into the lifestyle of rap and easily got infatuated with pretty girls at the time,so it wasnt hard for me to immerse myself in all that and just write.I read some of it now and its a little corny,especialy my poetry.But maybe I'll post them in the future when I get a larger following,just so you get an insight into how my writing and headspace has evolved over the years.Anyway,my point is inspiration wasnt hard for me to find during those years.I guess its coz my stress levels were lower and reality didn't suck as many eggs.

Sometimes inspiration just strikes me.Its usually when I shoud be doing something important like studying or paying attention to a lecture.Il just zone out,grab a pen and paper and just write.Be it a rap,a snippet of a story or a poem;I'll write like my life depended on it.I usually write the best stuff when I should'nt be writing.Ironic.Maybe I should work at a nuclear power plant in Japan right now,I just might write a best seller.
Psycotropics and alcohol can also be great sources of inspiration for me.They act as a catalyst and help me convey my emotion.The emotional stuff is usually when Im tipsy (not drunk coz I cant type for shit when Im drunk!).I just pull out my phone and start typing.It sometimes dos'nt make sense in the morning,mostly coz I cant recall the context or the actual feel of what I wrote.When Im zooted,Im usually happy.No angry or depressed thoughts like when Ive been drinking.Thats when I like to write my stories,coz my imagination is working double time under that influence.
Today I was reading The Walking Dead,its a zombie comic by Robert Kirkman.Iv been reading these comics to gain inspiration for a zombie comic my friends and I are working on.Comics,movies,cartoons,videogames and music influence and inspire me alot.I sometimes wonder if I'd still be as creative if I didnt have them in my life.I read an article about Jean Grae (a rap artist) when she was working on an album.She said she wasnt listening to any rap at the time so that it didnt influence her sound.That struck a cord with me.
Im not certain if there is realy a right kind of inspiration,but I think Im happy if I can write,whatever the inspiration.

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  1. I dont wanna hear that bullshit about doing this for fun mahfaka, this better be a marketing strategy coz u got a best seller within you son. Kudoz blood, keep doing you.
    Knock on wood.