Tuesday 19 April 2011

Superhero Chronicles 2.0

The lair.An integral part of every superhuman. A place to return to after long and cold nights fighting the cancer that eats our fair city. A place to replenish one's energy and be reborn unto the unsuspecting world. A stronghold. A fort. A base. A bedroom.Call it what you may,I call it a lair.
I lay sprawled on my bed, my cell phone beside me like a cheap harlot in red. It is my gateway to information. The very same way the other supers tap in and listen to police scanners and radios; my phone lets me know what is happening out in the town. Damsels in distress. Diabolical parties to be attended. Poisonous liquors to be consumed and sinister dry guys to be put in their place. Its a dirty job,but someone has to do it.
I have to prepare my costume for the day ahead of me tomorrow. I have no one uniform. Numerous garments line my vault (or wardrobe if you may). I don't wear tights or wear underwear on the outside. That's just silly.I take my work seriously. Soon, I will retire to my chambers and begin my day anew. Evil doers beware, I'm leaving my lair.
Benny blow.Not your average superhero.

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  1. haha sinister dry guys? lol liking the look page gona scream at a couple of peeps so they can sight up wahgwan...