Tuesday 19 April 2011

The Death of Benny Blow

It rained.It rained calm and steadily for days on end.It was as if the sky also wept.The earth was drenched with the sad tears of the ether.And sorrow rode softly on the moist cold wind,along with the withered leaves of the oak tree.Sorrw spreading to all that knew him.
Apart from the sound of the rainfall,the grave site was virtualy silent.The sound of the rain drops was like that of oil frying in a distant pan.There where no funeral songs.No old ladies wailing with uncontrolable emotion and falling over eachother at the sight of the coffin.Though that could have been due to the fact that not many grannies had known him.Those that could not help themselves only wept silently,the tears rushing over the lower eyelid like a waterfall and streaming down their cheeks.Sobs could be heard even amongst the grown men.
From where i stood,i could see most that where gathered there.Ironically,the grave was right beside a weeping willow.Leopards hill memorial park was known for its green grass and serene surroundings,its lawns always carefully tended.But on this day,even the grass had died.Next to me stood Lui and Dabs,both good friends of the deceased and I.They puffed away at their ciagarettes and traded stories of how the deceased would do this or how he would say that.Dabs didnt usually smoke.But certain events leave one craving for the harsh but soothing love of a nicotine stick.Mukunta stood to my right and had her arms folded.She wore a large black hat that had a vail draped over a pair of expensive designer shades.She hadnt said much about him that day.I saw a tear roll down her cheek as the coffin was lowered.I clenched our umbrella tighter and put my free arm around her shoulder.David,Henry and two other men had played paul bearer.Nobody else had been brave enought to take it upon them to do it.Their shoes had gotten muddy from carrying the coffin and putting it into place.
The gathering of people was larger than expected.All present were draped in black fabric,the occational white here and there.Black suits,black skirts and scarves.Black shoes,black pumps and black shades.Ineed it was a dark and black day.
I looked towards the gray sky.The sun had not reared its bright head recently.Perhaps it too mourned the death of Benny Blow.

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