Wednesday 22 June 2011

The world was made by the singer for the dreamer.

They wandered the land for what was almost an eternity. Hand in hand they walked tirelessly over the barren land, sand and dust stowing away in their beautifully crafted sandals. Darkness blanketed the entire world and the wind blew hard, almost screaming. But the elements had no effect on them-neither rain, sleet nor snow. Exhaustion, thirst and hunger were unfamiliar sensations to them both. Ket tugged at his sister's robe and looked up at her. Aya turned her gaze down at him, Ket smiled and she smiled back. "It won't be long now."
The sand reigned supreme and it was now all the earth had come to know. It blew wildly in the wind with no form of buildings or structures to hinder its mad flight. The yellow sun had burnt out millennia ago, in a time after humanity's greatest of grand children. A time after time itself. The land was literally dead, life was a foreign and distant memory. It was a time far after existence, an era even after man's time on earth was but a faint and fading echo. Death had come and death had gone, there was only nothingness and the whistle of the wind. The cause of man's demise was no longer relevant, for his name had passed and even ceased to be on the tongue of the cosmos.
Ket tugged at Aya's robe again, "I would like to sleep now", he said.
Aya smiled, "Very well then."
She sat down in the sand,the dust not stinging her eyes. Her long hair danced wildly like the sea on a stormy night. Her face was a thing of immaculate beauty, to call it perfect would be demeaning. Artists would have created paintings and poets would have written prose inspired by her. Her robe covered her body loosely and she wore nothing else aside from it. She folded her legs and reached her arms out to Ket, smiling. Ket was a small boy, no taller than three feet. He had features of a cherub but he and his sister where older than even the universe could remember. Ket smiled an easy smile and walked towards his sister. He snuggled comfortably into his sisters lap and rested his head inside her elbow. They looked like mother and child and the love between them was just as rich. Ket yawned. "Aya,please sing me the lullaby."
Aya closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, the untamed sand not affecting her in any way. She exhaled in a wondrous melodic voice. The wind stopped and the sand and dust settled as the two began to rise above the ground. Aya's voice ran freely out into the world and gradually put Ket to sleep. Vibrant colours began to ripple from them the instant Ket slumbered, like gentle waves on a pond when something touched it. The colour spread to the rest of the world in a brilliant array of rainbow-like life,exploding in all directions. Aya's serenade had no words, it needed them not. Its sweet high notes and low tones induced calm dreams in Ket's sleep. Ket in turn would churn out his dream into reality, carving the desolate and barren land into a beautiful utopia. Aya's angel chorus translated into thoughts of beautiful existence in his peaceful mind, and his thoughts became. Blades of green grass sprouted into vast meadows, racing across the face of the earth. The ground dipped into massive craters and troughs to cradle waters that formed lakes, seas and even oceans. Flowers sprang up in lovely fields as strong trees emerged from the ground, reaching for the sky. Rocky hills and mountains spurted upward and made the ground tremble. The song urged the dream on, breathing new life into the once dead world. Ket's mind a primordial soup for the resurrection of life on earth, his sister- the conductor of an orchestra of sorts. Together they spawn a new dawn for earth.
The sun shone once again. Aya and Ket slowly decended to the grass covered ground. Ket yawned and stretched his arms. He looked up at his sister and smiled. Naturally she smiled back. They stood up to observe and appreciate their work."Aya?"
"We did good, didn't we?"
"Yes Ket. We did."

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  1. I think, I think you just re-wrote the story of creation? This needs to be made into a short film man! and maybe me starring as aya? yes!! wooow!! and the weirdly apocalyptic beginning and the existentialistic feel it had and then BOOOM! beautiful music and the earth reforming because of it? WELL DONE! I DON'T EVEN SAY WELL DONE BUT M NOTE SURE HOW ELSE TO SAY THAT BLEW MY MIND!