Friday 27 April 2012

Captain's Log.

I've been sailing these depressing waters for almost half a year now. The tide whips and licks at my ship in a desperate effort to sink it. My sails are battered and beaten by fierce gusts of wind. Lost at sea, I have no accurate map and my instincts are my compass.
I took this job about four months ago. Now, its not the worst job in the world,things could be worse really. I could be mopping floors and cleaning toilets for peanuts at some country club for fat greedy bastards. I'm not knocking anyone's hustle,do what you have to do. As long as in your grand scheme of things, you're the one taking a dump at that country club toilet and tipping the cleaner or something. But I'm no accountant. I hate my job because I can't swallow numbers and even try and wrap my awesome imagination around them. I leave the office sad almost everyday and my smile and goofy demeanour are beginning to fade away.
Some may say I'm just a baby and no one likes their job. I ask thee then;where was that etched in stone? That you have to hate your job? That you have to spend years creating this foundation so that in the end, you would have build a house that you accept, but didn't intend to build. I say your design is wrong, check your blueprints. If you plan with your head and build with your heart, I believe you'll create wonderful works. How do I know all this, you ask? Maybe I've just watched too many movies and anime. Them dudes ALWAYS find a way! ALWAYS find some inspiration from deep within the very fabric of their being. I believe in all this and that I'm on the right path because of this:
As most of you know, I'm trying to be a writer. And there have been a couple of events that are out of the ordinary that have me believing I'm meant to be the greatest story teller I can be! But I won't get into all that, just the most significant.
I had decided I want to quit my job because firstly I don't like it, and then because I need to find time to study. I have one more paper before I can finish my ACCA and I'm about to start a course in creative writing. I told Pops I want to quit because work will get hectic but he told me nay. He said I should soldier on and it will be good for my C.V and work experience. That I can resign when I find a better job and if shit gets hectic (he didn't say 'shit'), I can ask for days off.
So I just sunk my head and took his advice. But yesterday, I was wrestling with thoughts of quitting again. I prayed to God that he gives me a sign, ANY sign; to let me know I was making the right decision. Whether I'd be right to quit my job and find something else. I hopped on a blue and white bus and began my usual routine. Checked my twitter, facebook and bbm. While scrolling through my bbm updates, I found this....

It brought tears to my eyes. Shout outs to my friend Zamiwe for that pic! Powerful stuff. Now, I don't really believe in coincidence. Yeah, there is such a thing, but not in this case. That's God speaking right there! And its not the first time either.
I'm not quitting accounting and formal employment for good, no. I'm not stupid. How else will I fund my save-the-world-from-alcohol adventures? I just need time to work on my writing while I apply for a new job and study as well. This job I'm at has some good people (shout outs to my good buddy Leroy and Nyuma), but they are getting their energies sapped by the negative environment if you ask me. But we do what we must I guess.
Today I told my boss I'm leaving when my probation ends. He said its fine, he just has to find a replacement.
So I'm taking control of this ship! Hoist the sails! Scrub the poop deck! (or something to that effect!). A crew of two; me and myself; and I; the captain! The course is not plotted, but the destination is known. Tell your friends to #GetWitItOrBlow!


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    1. Hope it leads to some action with your own pursuits 😊. Thanks for reading