Monday 9 July 2012

Forget me not...

Hellooooo everyone! I don't even know where to begin, so much has happened in the time since my last post! I just hope you havent forgotten about me.
Recently someone had asked me if I'm still blogging. They said they'd read a very 'insightful' (I just looove those comments, dont you?) post of mine and wondered if I would post anytime soon. It seems these posts where I just express myself or shoot the shit hit home with a number of people! But that doesnt mean I've forgotten about those of you that like my fiction. These...journal like entries are a way for me to just vent and let out what's inside my head. Nothing like telling your innermost thoughts to complete virtual strangers huh? So,I'll try ball up the most significant events and throw them out there.
I got arrested for the first time about a month ago. Apparently pissing against the wall in a semi-drunken stupor is a crime! I didn't stay in the cell for more than half an hour thanks to my cousin (shout outs to Womba, I love you dawg!). There was this one dickhead officer that just wanted to see me behind bars. I don't know if it was because I was so calm, or because I looked like a spoiled kid from the burbs, but this guy just wasn't hearing anything I had to say (3 in every 5 people suffer from Dickheadism. Call your nearest medical center and see how you can do your part to help sufferers of this terrible affliction!). Anyway, in my head, I simply refused to accept that I would spent the night in that rancid piss-perfumed place. I stayed positive that somehow I would get out (I saw 'The Secret' a few years back, and as corny as it may sound, I still do believe that you can sorta attract what you desire using positive thoughts. Still working on attracting those super powers!). When I finally came out, it got me thinking. Well, not immediately, because we went back into the club and I got drunk some more! But the next morning, I realised I need to change my ways. Fun as it may be, I cannot continue to save the world from the scourge of alcohol by consuming it. I need to, dare I say it; GROW UP.
I'd left my first job about a month ago. I've been studying accounting for a good portion of my young adult life and that job made me realise accounting is not my thing. I'd decided I'd focus on my writing and push whatever other ventures I can before I can jump back into formal employment (that is, before I realise that I need more money!). I had been asked to contribute to a certain up and coming magazine and I thought this would be a great experience for me and I could make money doing what I love. Unfortunately basically everything I submitted wasn't what they were looking for. So I got to stepping. Another budding publication promised me my own column. I was going to have complete creative freedom! Though the quality of the paper wasn't the greatest, I was totally excited about it! I was going to take that weekly paper to new heights! Sadly, the editors and owners had some internal dispute before I could even get published. They even stopped picking up my calls. I was wiling to work almost for free. Till today I don't know if that paper is still in publication. Sucks eggs.
On the positive side, I'm now a part of something pretty special. My good buddy Lo and new friend Raymond Green have a clothing line and asked me to jump on board. After I'd done an interview with Raymond (which was rejected HARD at the magazine I had mentioned earlier. Click here to read it and let me know what you think), Raymond and I realised that we had a lot in common and visualised the same things for a clothing line and spreading the cool to the masses. He asked me to bring my creativity and ideas to the table so we could take over the world. Please Follow @CafeLaVitumbuwa and Like the Facebook page. We have something special on our hands here. I'm bubbling with mad excitement!
The sad thing is, its been weeks since I left my job and got the chance to do my thing, but I'm not going hard as I should. I mean,after being 'emancipated' I should be going H.A.M. But I'm still spending weekends getting drunk as a fish in a bottle of vodka. I'm still sleeping until past 9 AM. Still not getting any writing done (my creative writing course finally came by the way. I still haven't started it yet). I have tonnes of work to do, yet I'm still just messing around and procrastinating! How can I take over the world like this!? At this rate, I'm going nowhere. Surprisingly Pops has not asked about what I intend to do or how my independent hustle is going. I really don't know what I'll tell him when he does. I should have had business plans and proposals ready to show by now, or even one or two writing gigs. But once again, I'm comfy in my own inactivity...
The good news is,the Earth is still spinning, I'm still alive and I have not lost the war yet! I will direct my efforts and channel my creativity towards making beautiful work! Watch this space and tell your friends to #GetWitItOrBlow!


  1. Wait...@LaCafeVitumbuwa is you??? Awesome! My friends made the song.

    1. Unfortunately, not anymore. Creative differences and all