Tuesday 9 April 2013

'Fan Art' from my friend Buba

Bubile, a good friend of mine sent this to me earlier today. We had talked about fan art some time ago and she said she would do something for my blog one day.
I've only known her a couple months, but Buba is one of those people I feel like I've known for years! She's always got my back, gives some great feedback on my writing and is always dropping knowledge or showing me the coolest things. It's only right that I give her a spot on her favourite blog on the interwebs (and if it's not your fav, I'm kicking you into next week Tuesday Buba!).
This picture is a mashup of Radu from Nosferatu Diaries, Death from Read The Fine Print, and some chicken shawarmas from The Curious Case of The Chicken Shawarma. Here's what Buba said about it:
"Radu finally found his passion in the culinary world of shawarmas. His number one client being The Grim Reaper, who always dines at Radu's on his vacations. Just before old Grim can dig into his chicken shawarma (hold the pickles), he senses in his bleached bones that Bwalya, his not-so-voluntary stand-in, has mucked up a reap..."


  1. amazing technique, and the concept is very intriguing.
    Nice to find other Zambians on the blogsphere


    1. Thank you! I'll be sure to visit your blog often. Hope you'll visit here as well :)